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Program Description

Northwest Passage Child & Adolescent Center is home to a very unique and comprehensive clinical assessment program for male and female clients, ages 6-17.  Assessments focus on neuropsychological evaluation, family assessment, psychiatric assessment, educational and behavioral assessments, health/medical assessments, and, when necessary, chemical health assessment.  We recognize the significant value of professional collaboration; therefore, our assessments are completed in a highly integrated interdisciplinary team model that is more intensely beneficial than traditional outpatient evaluation services.  Our assessment generates a dynamic treatment plan designed by the multidisciplinary team to address both the needs of the child and family, which allows for a much greater chance for success.

Through years of providing residential treatment services, we have learned that too often children are enrolled in treatment services without a clear understanding of what is to be gained by the service.  This kind of “dart throwing” approach to treatment can easily lead to more costly yet less helpful services and often prevents, rather than promotes, success.  We created this one-of-a-kind assessment program to offer children and families a chance to stop the guesswork and find stability.  Our mission is to create an individualized and targeted treatment plan that leads to more effective treatment services.  Each member of our clinical team brings experience and expertise in their field to a process that allows for complete integration of all of the findings.  The result is an assessment that provides clear answers and a coordinated plan that incorporates specific recommendations for the child and the family system.

At NWPCAC, we recognize that our findings are only useful if you are given thorough information in a way that makes sense.  While we provide comprehensive reports following our assessments, our unique program design offers so much more.  Throughout a child’s placement, our case managers maintain consistent contact with you to give you ongoing information about your child’s placement and the progress of the assessment. Families are engaged in the assessment directly through individual meetings with the neuropsychologist and family therapist.  The connections with the case manager and the family meetings help you shape the assessment to make certain the questions you have about your child’s needs are answered thoroughly.  Near the completion of the assessment, our clinical team and case manager meet directly with the family and community-based treatment professionals, so that our assessment findings and recommendations can be thoroughly explained and discussed.

Accreditation, Licensure, Approval:
Licensed as a Residential Care Center by the State of Wisconsin
Dept. of Health & Family Services