Equine Journeys
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Small Residential Program

13 to 17


Avg. Duration:
150 days average


Is Individual Psychotherapy Available?
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14 North Main St.
Loa, UT 84747
Program Description

Equine Journeys has two different programs located in Loa, Utah: an adolescent residential treatment program and a young adult residential support program. The key element of treatment in both programs is the use of equine co-facilitated psychotherapy utilizing a unique and distinct equine-based treatment model developed by the owners. This process, in conjunction with traditional mental health and substance abuse treatment techniques, has proven to be an exceptionally successful treatment model not only for our students but for their families as well.

Through our revolutionary ECPR (Equine Communication and Partnership Rituals) process, our students acquire improved communication, relationship, and behavioral skills as well as the ability to respond better to parental leadership when they return home.  Parents acquire improved leadership, parenting, relationship, and communication skills which effectively compliment those skills developed by their child while at Equine Journeys. Unlike most equine programs, students at Equine Journeys bond with, ride, train, and care for their individually assigned horses, compete in organized horsemanship competitions throughout the state, and learn increased responsibility by using their horsemanship skills as they engage in the day to day activities required to sustain our fully operational cattle breeding and horse training ranch.

Through this model and specialized training provided to our staff we are uniquely suited for treatment of students with attachment and relationship impairments, mild to moderate autistic spectrum disorders, issues related to adoption, substance abuse, and a wide range of other behavioral problems.
Our rural and small community environment decreases access to the seemingly unending distractions found in more metropolitan areas and creates a perfect environment for a return to the basics.  We live and teach the values of the past in order to ensure a better future.
For more specific information visit our website www.equinejourneys.org.

Accreditation, Licensure, Approval:
Utah Department of Human Services