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6 to 8 weeks


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Program Description

 Since 1925, The Menninger Clinic has been an internationally recognized leader in the development and delivery of hospital based psychiatric services for adolescents and adults. Menninger Clinic is currently ranked as the #5 Best Psychiatric hospital in America and has been consistently in the top 10 of US News and World Report Best Hospitals ranking since it began over 20 years ago.

When families and clinical professionals are uncertain of the “best” clinical setting for a struggling teen Menninger Clinic provides a brief stabilization and comprehensive diagnostic service in a safe and secure specialty hospital setting.  The 3 week assessment program is designed to stabilize and provide a clear assessment of a teen’s psychiatric condition. Following the results of this stabilization and assessment, the treatment team, family and the referring professional review the result and working in partnership identify the “best” next step. In order to base that difficult decision on accurate information, the Menninger Clinic team is able to provide clear recommendations with a well defined clinical rationale tailored to the unique needs of each adolescent and family.

The 3 week assessment provided within the Adolescent Treatment Program is available for adolescents 12-17 years old with emerging borderline personality disorder, bi-polar disorder, major depression, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, gender issues, ADHD, substance use disorders, eating disorders and other process addiction disorders involving internet addictions, gambling and sexual compulsivity disorders. Each patient receives a thorough medical, emotional, educational, developmental and social assessment.  A diagnostic evaluation helps the treatment team integrate an appropriate blend of therapeutic interventions to meet the individual needs of each adolescent.

Upon admission, a treatment team is assigned to each adolescent. The team includes a child psychiatrist, a psychologist, social worker, rehabilitation specialist, and nursing staff. Other clinicians, such as a chemical dependency counselor may join the team when needed. The child psychiatrist is actively involved in the treatment planning, medical care and medication management. Decisions about medication are made in concert with the adolescent and their family. Integrating a wide range of treatment methods, the team helps each patient apply their strengths to work on targeted areas of their life among peers and in a caring environment. The program features group therapy, individual therapy, skill building, family therapy, medication therapy, recreation therapy, symptom management, a focus on cultural and spiritual values and chemical dependency treatment with a 12 step orientation when needed. Adolescents advance their education during their stay through instruction led by certified teacher on the Menninger campus. Family support and commitment are crucial to the successful treatment of adolescents in the program Immediate family members take an active role throughout treatment. The social worker on the treatment team provides weekly progress updates to families and coordinates visitation and weekly family therapy over the phone and in person. The clinical team also provides instruction for the family about their child’s illness, treatment and continuing care. As part of discharge planning, the family receives support for strengthening communication and parenting skills to help ensure a smooth transition when the adolescent returns home.

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Texas Department of Health Services
Joint Commission (JCAHO) Accreditation
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