Dragonfly Transitions
Quick Facts
Young Adult Program/Transitional Independent Living Program

18 to 24


Avg. Duration:
9 - 12 months


Is Individual Psychotherapy Available?
Contact Info
(541) 850-0841

(866) 341-3053


919 High Street
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Program Description

Founded by Mona Treadway and Glenn White, Dragonfly Transitions is an independent living program for young men and women age 18-24.

Dragonfly Transitions is located in downtown Klamath Falls and serves 18-24 year old men and woman who are struggling to launch in their potential in academics, occupation and relationships. Dragonfly Transitions is designed to address problems that result from:

• Mood and Anxiety disorders
• Adjustment Disorders
• Substance-Abuse
• Trauma
• Problems related to delayed emotional development

Integrating our young adults back into the “flow” of life in healthy, adaptive ways is the ultimate goal. The program is interwoven into the community. Clients are expected to build a full time schedule of school apprenticeships, work, or a combination of both. Clients are mentored to learn how to connect with their community to build a meaningful social network and healthy recreational outlets.

The treatment team at Dragonfly Transitions is comprised of Bachelor level mentors,  Master’s Level Therapist, the Program Director, a Master’s in Social Work and a Psychiatrist. This multidisciplinary approach allows the team to make use of the teachable moments that invariably occur throughout daily living.

Individual Counseling Available: Yes

Accreditation, Licensure, Approval:
Oregon Department of Human Services - Child Caring Agency