SUWS of the Carolinas
Quick Facts
Wilderness Program
Coeducational; Single Gender Groups

10 to 17

8 per group

Avg. Duration:
Flexible, 6 to 8 weeks


Is Individual Psychotherapy Available?
Contact Info
(888) 828-9770

(828) 668-7959


363 Graphite Rd.
Old Fort, NC 28762
Program Description

SUWS of the Carolinas is a treatment program with a focus on clinical intervention and assessment. The program uses the outdoors as an alternative to conventional treatment environments, while engaging students using traditional therapeutic methods. The wilderness setting removes modern distractions, simplifies choices, and teaches valuable lessons. As a result, students begin to accept responsibility for personal decisions, address individual and family issues, and become invested in their character development.


SUWS of the Carolinas specializes in treating students 10 to 17 years of age who are experiencing / exhibiting any of the following: Low Self-Esteem, Family Conflict, Defiant Behavior, Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity, Depression, Isolation, Drug and Alcohol Use, Learning Differences, Negative Peer Relationships, Manipulation, Aspergers and Entitlement.


Treatment, not hiking or survival skills, is the primary focus at SUWS of the Carolinas. Students progress through a sophisticated level system designed to assist them in mastering age-appropriate developmental goals. The program uses a “Search & Rescue” metaphor to teach students character development, as well as to assist in the identification of core values and guiding principles. Parents, referring professionals, and SUWS therapists review progress, emotional issues, and length of stay during weekly treatment planning sessions. Over the last 20 years the SUWS programs have learned the importance of the family in the growth process. Our family component includes a parenting series, which includes a mid-stay experiential parent workshop that is two days in length, weekly treatment planning sessions, and a one-day parent seminar at graduation.


Accreditation, Licensure, Approval:
North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services