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Program Description
1. Students will participate daily in personal and/or group studies of the bible as a part of their discipleship training. The wisdom and life found therein lay the foundation for the life under construction. Not only will students finish the program with a memorized knowledge of scripture, but will understand the application of scripture to their lives and their world.

2. Another of the key elements of our program is our commitment to pastoral counseling. A program alone is nothing more than a formula…and we don’t believe that a mere formula will make the difference in the life of a student. Our counseling is tailored to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of each individual, ensuring that root issues are discovered and thoroughly dealt with.

3.Highly structured, individualized secondary education is provided at Ozarks Boys Academy, our self-contained private school. This means that students who come into the program with poor grades or having fallen behind in school, could not only recover the time that they have lost, but actually surpass the level at which they were meant to be. Depending on a students’ situation at time of entry, we will assess whether it is more beneficial for him to continue towards high school graduation or to pursue his GED. Our school features Switched On Schoolhouse computer software based curriculum, giving the student growth not only academically, but also technically. On site teachers and facilitators add value to our school as they are available to answer questions and ensure a students progress.

4. Through both recreational and military-style physical training and exercise, students will grow in health and confidence. Unlike a typical Physical Education class, each activity is used to enhance our holistic growth objective.

These ingredients as well as a commitment to continual improvement make Ozarks Teen Challenge a dynamic agent for change in the lives of teenage boys…especially those in crisis.
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