CALO (Change Academy Lake of the Ozarks)
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Residential Treatment Center

12 to 18


Avg. Duration:
12-20 months


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130 Calo Lane
Lake Ozark, MO 65049
Program Description

Across the country there are a number of generalist residential treatment centers. Many of them do fine work. They treat a multitude of issues and disorders. Most work from a behavior modification paradigm. A smaller few utilize a community or positive peer culture model. Generalist programs are usually large and consequence-focused in their treatment approach. In order to manage student behavior they frequently put level-systems of rewards and consequences in place. These generalist programs treat a large number of diverse clients by putting them all through the same program.

As residential treatment has matured, the one-size-fits-all approach has lost its appeal. There are many presenting problems that are not well grouped together. Simply put, specialist care is needed for many emotional and behavioral issues.

CALO was created with this need for specialty care in mind. CALO focuses on only three presenting issues: issues of emotion, trauma, and attachment. Our theoretical framework is based on attachment research. Our treatment model relies on relationships and attachment interventions to create lasting change. CALO is a relationship-based change program. Relationships with therapists, residential coaches, and work with purebred Golden Retrievers (what we call “transferable attachment”) are at the heart of our treatment model.

The following would be examples of the type of teenager profile CALO would specialize in treating: a teenage adoptee struggling to connect with parents and caregivers; a teen who has been physically, emotionally, or sexually abused and is now acting out behaviorally; a teen who has survived a trauma and cannot maintain emotional control; a foreign-adopted teen who is not fitting in at home or at school and is draining emotional resources from his/her adopted family; a teen with anger, control issues and a history of abuse or neglect; an untrustworthy and sexually promiscuous teenager who does not enjoy deeper connection with family or caregivers.

Accreditation, Licensure, Approval:
State of Missouri, Department of Social Services, Childrens Division, Residential Child Care Agency
Joint Commission (JCAHO) Accreditation
Approved Private Agency, Missouri Department of Elementary