Twin Cities Girls Academy
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Specialty Boarding School
girls only

13 to 17


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Is Individual Psychotherapy Available?
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(978) 345-2912

(978) 345-5684


53 Highland Ave
Fitchburg, MA 01420
Program Description
The Twin Cities Girls Academy is a safe haven for teenage girls, ages 13 to 17, in need of hope and help. Our arms and doors are wide open welcoming them and offering them a second chance to dream big dreams for their future, one in which they can reach their God-given potential in life. The Academy provides girls with the tools they need to overcome life controlling problems and become young women who know they are valuable and have bright futures.

The Academy provides a long term, Christian faith based, residential recovery program for the girls as they seek to overcome destructive habits. While in the program, the girls are able to earn their high school diplomas with help from a teacher equipped with a Masterís of Education who loves to teach and is eager to help each student. A licensed counselor is available to help them through the difficult challenges in resolving hurtful pasts and learning to make good decisions and to set goals for their lives. Loving and dedicated residential staff ensure that each girl is in a supportive, family environment.

The girls find freedom from their life controlling problems and healing for their damaged emotions. Through the Academy, the girls find hope and direction, and their families are assisted in building supportive, healthy relationships.
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