Victory House Christian Academy
Quick Facts
Specialty Boarding School
girls only

13 to 17


Avg. Duration:
12 months


Is Individual Psychotherapy Available?
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2505 County Rd 2
Brewster, KS 67732
Program Description
Victory House Christian Academy (VHCA) is a Christian residential girls home. We exist to assist families through placement of their teenage daughter in a loving structured family environment. Victory House provides Bible based spiritual guidance, traditional and alternative schooling, nutritious meals, positive re-enforcements, training in social skills, counseling, prayer and restoration for both her and the family.

Teenage years are difficult even when they are going smoothly, but when rebellion, suicidal thoughts, depression, eating disorders, cutting and poor choices in friendship creep into a girls life the results can be devastating to both her and her family.

Often parents seek help to rescue their daughters through residential treatment centers only to find that the tuition costs are too hight for the family to afford. At Victory House we believe that getting young ladies the help they need is too priceless a ministry to place out o financial reach of struggling families. At Victory House Christian Academy, we are willing to prorate our already low tuition fees so that every family, regardless of financial status can afford to place their daughter with us.
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