Prayer Mountain Boys Academy
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Therapeutic Boarding School
boys only



Avg. Duration:
12 months


Is Individual Psychotherapy Available?
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(770) 567-8180

(770) 567-8180


P.O. Box 519
Meansville, GA 30256
Program Description
Welcome to Teen Challenge Prayer Mountain Boys Academy. As you view the pages of this site, our prayer is that you find comfort in knowing we care about your son and that there is hope for him. My desire is to see your son fulfill the purpose God has for him.

Hurt, anger, frustration, and fear are probably some of the emotions you are feeling today. No one likes to see their son going down a destructive path. We believe your son can reach his full potential with mentoring and spiritual guidance.

Right now, your son may be feeling angry, depressed, or out of control, but soon he will have an opportunity to meet the Master of all grace, Jesus Christ. We believe that life transformation comes when your son experiences the grace and forgiveness granted to each of us by God.

At Teen Challenge Prayer Mountain Boys Academy, your son will receive education, mentoring, and spiritual guidance. Your son will have an opportunity to change his anger into peace. Your son will have an opportunity to change his depression into joy. And your son will have an opportunity to change his out of control behavior into self control.

We also believe in the restoration of the family. As your son progresses through the program, there will be family days where you and your family will be required to attend a day of visiting your son, Godly counsel, and fun.

In our academy, as your son's self esteem grows, the destructive behaviors of the past will subside. Your son will grow to respect you, those around him, and most importantly himself. We look forward to seeing a new person in your son. A young man who is transformed, knowing his purpose in life. We look forward to serving you in any way possible in helping your son.
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