Breakthrough Recovery Outreach
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13 to 17


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3628 Chamblee-Tucker Rd
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Program Description

Breakthrough Recovery Outreach is a person-centered residential treatment facility that focuses on the special needs of adolescent boys in recovery. The program is tailored to meet the individual needs of each client, working to create balance between solid, lasting sobriety and meeting the behavioral and mood disturbance needs that often cause relapse in the environment where they will continue to live. Research indicates that there is a 70-80% recovery rate using a co-occurring model vs. a 20-25% recovery rate in a strictly Substance Abuse model.

We understand that adolescents are different developmentally than adults and have unique challenges, such as relating to their families, dealing with peer groups and peer pressure, getting an education} finding a job. At BRO our teen program addresses not only Substance use and Mental health concerns but also Behavior issues and many other aspects of a teen’s life. We utilize evidenced based treatment modalities that include Dialectical Behavior Therapy {DBT}, Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Behavior modification, 12 step groups, Psycho-educational Group therapy, educational direction and support, Recreation and expressive arts, and psychiatric evaluation with medication management as necessary. Your teen will live in a comfortable home environment in a quiet residential community. He will learn the value of chores, how to interact respectfully and courteously with others, and how to develop and maintain strong, loving relationships.

Recreation creativity, health and wellness are essential elements to a balanced whole, healthy life. Students build self-esteem, learn problem-solving, teamwork, communication skills, and trust by participating in new activities such as rock climbing, white water rafting, team play and ropes courses. Our recreation program also includes service-based activities each week. During these times, students can be seen assisting the elderly or filling backpacks. These experiences help students develop empathy for and an understanding of others. Additionally, while participating in recreational activities, students work on appropriate social skills, communications skills, coping skills and interpersonal skills as well as develop new talents. In our recreation program, students participate in structured recreational therapy as well as outdoor adventures and cultural experiences. Our adolescent program at Breakthrough Recovery Outreach includes scheduled exercise, yoga, nutrition, escorted therapeutic/ educational day outings and creative arts projects under the supervision of our dedicated staff.

We believe the family’s involvement in the teen’s treatment is critically important. Recent studies of adolescents who stop using drugs report that parental involvement, new friends and motivation are keys to success. We encourage parents (or other caregivers) to participate in counseling, group meetings, drug education and other activities offered by the program. Additionally, the teen meets weekly with his/her case manager to discuss goals, progress and any issues that arise. The case manager also has weekly contact with the family to discuss any needs they may have. The more the family is involved in the treatment process, the more likely the teen will succeed in recovery.

Education is an important consideration in a teen’s life. Our program evaluates each participants needs and provides appropriate structure to promote academic success. The support may include a certified teacher, tutors, access to internet education or GED preparation.

Accreditation, Licensure, Approval:
CARF and Georgia Department of Community Health