Estrella Vista Ranch
Quick Facts
Residential Treatment Center
Girls Only

12 to 18


Avg. Duration:
Minimum 90 Days


Is Individual Psychotherapy Available?
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(520) 586-9254

(520) 586-9581


4911 E. Silk Wind Blvd.
Dragoon, AZ 85609
Program Description

 Estrella Vista Ranch (EVR) provides an intensive, relatively short-term intervention program in a peaceful environment for teens in need of focused therapeutic support.  Our mission is to assist teens in awakening to their true selves and develop an opening to receive their own intuitive guidance, promoting the understanding of who they are and what their purpose is.  Through this new understanding, teens are then able to gain self-respect, respect for others, self motivation, self-advocacy and hope for the future, thereby eliminating the need for negative and self-harming behaviors.

We offer an individualized, teen-centered approach emphasizing the balance of spirit, mind and body.  A small and intimate therapeutic treatment community for teen girls, ages 14-18 years, EVR provides a unique approach to dealing with such conditions as anxiety disorders, ADD/ADHD, chemical dependency, depression, eating disorders, family conflict, post-traumatic stress disorder, relationship difficulties, self-harm and motivational issues.  This is accomplished during a minimum 90-day participation in EVR’s treatment program.

As a result of extensive evaluation and assessment, each young lady’s treatment plan can draw upon a variety of treatment activities.  The therapeutic environment at EVR, positive peer culture and our focus on balancing spirit, mind and body effectively supports therapeutic activities such as group, family and individual therapy, equine care and riding skills, a personal wellness program, leisure education, expressive arts, organic gardening and respect for the environment, nature treks and motivational therapy.  Ongoing assessment continues over the course of treatment to ensure flexibility and individual goal evaluation.

The academic program at EVR reflects our desire to reduce the distractions an adolescent has become accustomed to and the challenges that can produce.  Instruction is offered in small class settings on-site to promote and protect the healing efforts in the therapeutic community.  The therapeutic curriculum is individually tailored to each teen, designed to further assist in the balancing of spirit, mind and body.  Our fully accredited academic program assists girls to feel successful and competent while continuing toward their educational goals.

Accreditation, Licensure, Approval:
State of Arizona
Department of Health Services
Office of Behavioral Health Licensing